Start your day with these 4 exercises

Start your day with these 4 exercises

Start your day with these 4 exercises

Start your day with these 4 exercises

Take your progress to a new level

Are you already paying attention to your diet, do regular sports and, in the best case, benefit from an individual nutrition concept from Greenline Nutrition? Very good! Take your progress to the next level by starting your day with these 4 exercises. 

No fear! They are simple, fast exercises that you can do at home. The intensity you determine yourself. Integrate this regular workout into your morning routine and achieve even greater results in terms of fat burning, strength increase and general fitness. An ideal supplement to a conscious and healthy diet.

1. Squat


A classic in the fitness area is the squat. It has been used for generations to keep fit and strengthen the musculoskeletal system in a simple way. Please pay attention to a clean technique when doing this exercise and follow the instructions. If performed incorrectly, squats can be harmful to the knee joint in the long run, if performed correctly they are a highly effective training method. Observe your body during the exercise and correct your posture if necessary.

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Tense your abdominal muscles and keep your back straight throughout the exercise. Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor and your thighs form a 90-degree angle with your lower legs. From this position you push yourself, out of your thighs, back to the starting position. You can adjust the level of difficulty of the exercise to your current ability by moving your buttocks less far or beyond the 90-degree angle. When doing the exercise, make sure that your thighs and lower legs remain straight and perpendicular to the floor and that your kneecaps, seen from above, do not protrude beyond your toes. Repeat this exercise in as many sets of 8-12 repetitions as you wish, depending on your fitness level and personal goal.

2. push-ups


 Push-ups serve primarily to strengthen your chest and arm muscles, but they also help to improve torso stability.

First, assume the support position on the floor. Here your body is pushed away from the floor by outstretched arms, only the tips of your toes touch the floor. The distance between your hands or arms should be about shoulder width. Build up body tension in your whole body and keep it straight from feet to head like a wooden board. Body tension is very important for a correct execution. In any case, avoid a hip area that sticks out upwards or hangs down.

From this position, lower your upper body slowly towards the ground. Keep your arms as close as possible to your body. When you have reached the lowest possible point, stop for a moment and then push yourself upwards again at a faster pace through your arm and chest muscles towards the starting position. The number of repetitions is best chosen according to the knee bends. A small tip: By changing the position of your hands or arms inwards or outwards, you can vary the exercise a little. Another hand position puts more intensive strain on the outer area of your chest muscles and vice versa. By doing this, you constantly give the muscles different stimuli, which can lead to a more effective muscle build-up.

3. abdominal muscles


For the intensive training of your abdominal muscles, it is best to choose a combination exercise.

Lie down on the floor and spread your arms out from your body at an angle of about 45 degrees. Your head and the entire back area will touch the floor during the whole exercise. Now pull your legs towards your body so that a 90-degree angle is formed between your upper and lower legs, with the lower legs parallel to the floor (as if you were sitting on an overturned chair). 

This is the starting position for the first part of the exercise. Now lift your pelvis as far as possible towards the ceiling without changing the 90-degree position of your legs. The abdominal muscles should be tensed all the time. Imagine that you push your knees out of your abdomen towards the ceiling. Only the pelvis and a small part of your lower back will lift off the floor. Make sure that the force is coming from your abdominal muscles and that you do not push yourself with your arms on the floor. Choose the number of repetitions according to your current fitness level.

In the second part of the exercise you return to the starting position. Now extend your lower legs towards the ceiling. Your upper body and legs form a 90-degree angle, the soles of your feet pointing towards the ceiling. In this position, let your legs fall in a controlled manner in a lateral direction. Shortly before your feet touch the floor, stop and pull them up from your abdominal muscles to the starting position. Then repeat the movement on the other side. Choose the number of repetitions so that you can do the same number of repetitions on both sides. If this exercise is still too difficult, you can also do it with an angled lower leg (as in the first part). 

4. back exercise


Although this exercise looks easy, it is highly effective.

Lie on your stomach, your legs together, your head raised from the floor and look forward or down. The arms rest against the body, and in your hand you hold a weight plate with a low weight (initially about 0.5 – 1 kilo). If you do not have a weight plate, replace it with an object of similar weight (e.g. a water bottle). Lift your arms slightly off the floor and move them forward from your hip/thigh area in a semicircle until they point in the same direction as your head. During the exercise your arms will remain slightly suspended above the floor at all times. Then return the outstretched arms to the starting position in a controlled manner.

When repeating the number of repetitions, you can again orient yourself to the above exercises. Keep tension in your whole body during the exercise. And do not forget: Only your head and arms lose contact with the floor.

That’s about it. So easy! Good luck and above all have fun during your morning training! With these simple exercises, a little discipline and individual, professional support from Foodiary, you will achieve quick and lasting success and feel even better in no time.

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