Smoothies_ Superheroes from the blender

Smoothies: Superheroes from the blender

Smoothies_ Superheroes from the blender

Smoothies: Superheroes from the blender

Why you should drink more smoothies

The Supersmoothie trend hasn’t just been around since yesterday, and for good reason! Smoothies are not only healthy and real vitamin bombs, they are also easy to make and super handy for when you’re on the go. We are big fans of this cult drink and soon you will surely be too!
A handful of green leaves, an apple, a few seeds, seeds or nuts and finally a good portion of lemon juice and water, put it in the blender and- done! A green smoothie, for example, can look that easy. And it not only tastes good, but also brings a lot of other superpowers with it. If you regularly eat liquid snacks between meals, you will stay well hydrated, regulate your hunger and supply your body with valuable nutrients and vitamins in balanced intervals. The best part? You are free to choose which super power you want to give your smoothie: 

With concentrated strength against the cold 


A lot of fruit and vegetables guarantee you the ultimate vitamin boost. Lemons or spinach, for example, provide you with lots of vitamin C, which is very important for the normal functioning of the immune system! Apart from the classic vitamin C, colourful smoothies also contain vitamins A, E, B3, B6, B12 and some micronutrients such as iron, zinc and calcium. All of this supports the normal functioning of your immune system and helps your body to be prepared for the winter and the cold season. The more colourful the fruit and vegetable mix the better, and tastier! 

Through thick and thin


You would like to lose a few pounds? Reach for lower-calorie fruits or even better for vegetables, spinach, lettuce and other greens. You’ll fill your stomach in no time, replenish your water and nutrient reserves and elegantly avoid a heavy meal. Whether as a healthy snack or as a substitute meal – smoothies are the ultimate dietary companion!

Weight gain as a man


You are an athlete and would like to gain weight? Smoothies can also be your perfect sidekick. Pimp up your smoothie with some protein powder, some nuts or nut butter! While smoothies are actually a light snack, you can also turn them into real energy bombs with a few tricks. Bananas, for example, give you a real carbohydrate boost and also contain lots of magnesium, which you can use during training. Smoothies can be used as liquid meals to increase your calorie intake or to replenish your protein and nutrient stores after exercise.

The perfect start to the day


Maybe you are just the kind of person who likes to sleep a little longer in the morning and forgo breakfast? From now on there are no more excuses. It is no coincidence that breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day! The breakfast smoothie is your salvation. Put fruit, some yoghurt and some instant oatmeal in the blender and fill it into a tight container – and your breakfast is ready to go! But if you have a few minutes more time, you can also make your breakfast instagram-ripe in a super easy way! Prepare the smoothie with a little less water to make it thicker. Then put the smoothie in a breakfast bowl, sprinkle granola, superfoods like coconut chips, chia seeds and pine nuts or some fresh berries over it and you’ve got your own homemade smoothie bowl. Tip: Spoon it slowly and with a fresh cup of tea it tastes best!

Summer in a glass

Here is my personal insider tip! If you like it frosty, smoothies can also be frozen or simply served ice-cold. For example, you can freeze banana slices laid out on a board and put them in the blender while still half frozen. This makes your smoothie irresistibly creamy and tastes almost like a milkshake! Tip: of course it also works with berries or other kinds of fruit from the freezer. 

Would you like another dessert?

With the right styling, your smoothie can be much more than just a snack or sports drink. For example, how about a delicious berry smoothie with banana-vanilla sauce and chopped walnuts? It’s delicious, rounds off every dinner party and, above all, makes a real difference when served in a preserving jar! And how you make this top dessert? 

It’s easy. Just mix some mixed berries into a thick smoothie. Then puree bananas with vanilla and if necessary some cinnamon and coconut blossom sugar. Now pour the berry smoothie into the individual glasses. Now carefully stir in the banana smoothie. Make sure that you only stir it in hints and do not mix the two smoothies completely. With a little practice, you can create aesthetic patterns in your smoothie glass. Finally, sprinkle the chopped walnuts over your dessert glass and you’re done! 

So you see, there is more than one good reason to bring more smoothies into your everyday life! After all, hardly any other snack is as versatile and healthy! And if you’re a die-hard smoothie fan anyway, maybe we could at least give you a few tips on what your favorite drink is good for! Bottle, bowls, bowls, glasses, cups, bottles or whatever container you like to drink your smoothie from!

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