How we reduce body fat through new eating habits

How we reduce body fat through new eating habits

How we reduce body fat through new eating habits

How we reduce body fat through new eating habits

Nutrition and training for success

In everyday life we orientate ourselves mainly by the habits we have acquired. These habits determine our everyday life and not only when we eat. But in fact we can change our habits and this does not only include eating habits. By changing our eating habits it is possible in the long term to reduce body fat without having to follow a stressful diet. Through a targeted adjustment you can lose weight permanently and healthily. In the end, you only have to consume more calories than you take in through your diet. A balanced combination of reduced calorie intake and training sessions is the key to your long-term success. Strength exercises in the gym, a nutrition plan: this is how it works in the long run!

An individual combination of fitness and healthy nutrition

Very few people have their desired weight. That’s why they look for helpful tips and exercises to help them lose weight. But lean food and abdominal exercises in the gym are not everything, because it is much more important that you get used to the new regularities. Once your training and eating habits have settled in, the first step is taken.

Then you will gradually and naturally become more fit and reduce your body weight at the same time.
A precise training plan and fixed meal times are essential in this context to ensure that the new habits become part of your everyday life.

Increasing calorie consumption, reducing calorie intake

The change in eating habits and also the perseverance of the training exercises are accompanied by some difficulties at the beginning. More activities in everyday life, especially in a stressful job, is easier said than done. But it works: Instead of using lifts, you take the stairs, shorter distances are not covered by car but by bike, and instead of a nap on the sofa you take a short walk, which also provides you with new energy. The most important thing here is that you take it one step at a time and not all overnight, otherwise you will quickly overtax yourself and break off frustrated after a few days.

But even if you move more, you should reduce the calories and this with a healthy diet. Fast food and ready-made meals are removed from the daily menu; instead, fruit, vegetables and fibre are put on your plate. A balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs without too many calories.
So that you don’t lose track of the permitted foods and meal times, we help you to master your everyday life with our app. With the large selection of suggested recipes, we take the hassle out of searching for healthy recipes that suit you.

Why a nutrition plan helps

A well thought-out nutrition plan, which adapts to your daily routine, supports your stamina. This is exactly what your 12 week nutrition plan is based on. Here you will find a variety of varied recipes and get the necessary support to reach your goal without unnecessary stress in the food planning for the long term. 

The nutrition guide also includes access to knowledge to teach you the basics of nutrition.
So that the healthy, low-calorie diet does not fail in everyday life, you can fall back on the Meal Prep of our partners. Here you can easily order prepared meals and eat with a clear conscience. A big advantage in everyday life is Meal Prep, which is supported by planning with the help of the shopping list. This means that you have a little effort in the early morning, but you are provided with the right macronutrients all day long, saving you money and time during your lunch break. Compiling the daily ration helps you to stay disciplined. 

By preparing your meals you always know that you can eat deliciously and you are on the right track.

Conscious eating

Whether you cook several times a day or rely on Meal Prep, it is important that you are consciously engaged with the food. 

If you know what you eat, you will get to know your body and the reactions to the meals better. In connection with the changed habits, further perception is also influenced. You learn more about the effects of vitamins and fibre. You should be more careful when choosing snacks, as there are many healthy alternatives to chips and chocolate. 

After a while you will even feel a change in your taste senses if you give up fast food and flavour enhancers and go back to healthy, natural foods.

Success through new habits

By implementing new habits, you should be aware that you are not only changing your weight, but that your whole life is positively influenced by it. A new weight changes your well-being, your charisma and your inner satisfaction. These are all aspects for a happy charisma and a positive life. This may also have an effect on your job and there are many people who confirm exactly this. Change your habits once and change your life permanently.

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