Is nutrition really so important in losing weight?

Is nutrition really so important in losing weight?

Is nutrition really so important in losing weight?

Is nutrition really so important in losing weight?

Losing weight is the result of healthy nutrition and targeted fitness. But is nutrition really so decisive for finally dropping the kilos? Yes – because it is also what has contributed significantly to the development of overweight. 

Food is the building block of life 

The body can produce some of the substances it needs to live. Others it must absorb from the outside through food. Even the substances that it can produce itself, it cannot produce from nothing, but needs other substances as a basis. 

These mostly come again from outside. Cells, chemical messengers, muscles, fat – all this can only be built up through food. But this also means that our nutrition also determines how our body looks like. If there is a deficiency of an important substance, the body cannot simply compensate for this deficiency, but the functions associated with it suffer as a result. If, on the other hand, there is an oversupply, for example of fat or carbohydrates, this also changes the body. 

The right nutrition plan for losing weight 

Unfortunately, it is not that easy with nutrition. In order to reduce body weight, it must first be decided how exactly to do this, because weight is not equal to weight. In most cases, the body fat percentage should be reduced first, which results in weight reduction. However, this alone does not lead to the appearance that most people want. 

Tight legs, a flat stomach and sexy curves are in turn the result of specific fitness exercises that lead to muscle build-up in the right places. Paradoxically, this causes the weight to skyrocket again, but that’s no big deal now, because this is muscle mass. This process takes place in phases. That is why a targeted nutrition plan is important, because it is based on individual goals and the phase in which the person is currently in. 


The danger of ready-made food 

Here a package of ready-made pasta with sauce, there a pizza… and the food is no longer right in front and behind and you can’t lose weight like that. The reason is the composition of such convenience products and ready-made food. 

The fact that they contain a lot of fat and unnecessary sugar is now widely known. However, the colourings and preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other such ingredients are also dangerous. Simply put: everything that we would not use ourselves if we cooked ourselves. After all, the body does not need any of this and even considers some substances to be dangerous. That is why, for safety’s sake, they are “walled in” in a fat cell, where they cannot cause any harm. As convenient as finished products are, they unfortunately do not contribute to weight reduction. 

Which form of nutrition is the right one?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as losing weight according to the F scheme, because people are too different and complex for that. In general, it can be said that the combination of fitness and the individually correct form of nutrition leads to positive changes in the body, a healthy normal weight and good looks. 

The best way to find out what kind of nutrition that is is is to follow the motto “trying is better than studying”. Paleo, low carb, vegetarian or vegan… the important thing is that you cook for yourself, because then you can control what you eat. Natural foods without unnecessary ingredients are the be-all and end-all. If these principles are observed, then the form of nutrition also leads to success on the scales and the next look in the mirror. 

"Live to eat" and still lose weight - is that possible?

Eating is not only a basic human need, but also means enjoyment. A change in eating habits awakens the fear in many of us that this will mean that enjoyment can no longer be lived out. It is true that unhealthy food must be reduced significantly. However, many nutritional plans include so-called “cheat days” on which you can eat whatever you feel like. 

This ensures that unhealthy delicacies do not have to be left out altogether, because after all it is no fun that way. But much more important is that “slim” nutrition plans are at least as tasty. They may contain new dishes, but they taste good simply because they are varied and varied. Over time, healthy eating also creates a whole new attitude towards life, which helps to make this type of nutrition fun. So enjoyment and slim contours are not contradictory at all – on the contrary!

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