In this article you will learn interesting facts about iron

What is iron? 

Iron is an essential trace element. The iron in the red blood cells helps to supply the body with oxygen. In the mitochondria it is involved in energy production. Especially women of childbearing age should pay attention to their iron balance due to the blood loss during menstruation. The most important factor here is storage iron, the ferritin value.

Why do you need iron in training?

Athletes need iron for muscle work. In endurance sports, the need for iron is increased, which is due on the one hand to the strain on the muscles and on the other to increased sweating, which causes iron to be excreted. In addition, the body does not absorb iron from food as well in stressful situations. 

What food should one eat?

meat and sausages

Food in 100gIron content in mg
Pig liver18
Black pudding30
Beef ham10

Cereals and cereal products

Food in 100gIron content in mg
Wheat bran15
Millet Flakes9
oat flakes, green spelt4,2
Rye flour2,1
whole rice1,7
Rye Bread1,7
Wheat flour1,5
rice parboiled1,4

Nuts and kernels

Food in 100gIron content in mg
Pumpkin seeds11,2
Pine nuts9,2

vegetables, potatoes, legumes

Food in 100gIcon content in mg
Dried soybeans9,7
Dried lentils8
Dried white beans7
Dried chick peas6,1
Black salsify3,3
Peas green1,9
Lettuce, green beans1,0
Mushroom, porcini mushrooms1,0
Leeks, asparagus0,9
Cauliflower, kohlrabi0,4

When is it taken?

Iron is best taken in combination with vitamin C (for example, a glass of orange juice) and in the morning on an empty stomach or at an interval of two hours after a meal.

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