How you get more energy

How you get more energy

How you get more energy

How you get more energy

Spring is here: the days are getting longer, everything is green and blooming, the sun is shining bright and warm. Anyone who is complaining about a lack of energy right now can really get themselves back on their feet with the right diet, plenty of sleep and exercise in the fresh air. 

The extra kick of power food


The right diet is the key to more energy. It is the basis and can be enriched even more effectively with some special foods.
Chia seeds are particularly rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality proteins and antioxidants. 

Pomegranate seeds contain many phyto-oestrogens and are therefore considered to be the number 1 aphrodisiac superfood and goji berries are particularly rich in antioxidants and fibre.
Meanwhile there are interesting superfoods en masse and more and more are being added all the time. What they all have in common is a noticeable energizing effect. 

Exercise is essential


Not only the right diet, but also a lot of exercise in the fresh air has a lasting effect on the energy level. Although sport itself requires a lot of energy, regular exercise stimulates both the blood circulation and the metabolism. 

Because it really activates the circulation, the body cells, muscles and joints are much better supplied with nutrients.

Sleep well


Sleep deficits weaken the immune system: those who sleep too little will have no energy and will rather be in a bad mood, irritated, weak and unable to concentrate.
If you want to increase your energy level, you need to get enough sleep – the target of seven to nine hours of sleep is rather generalized. 

The quality of sleep is also important. Restless sleepers should read something nice or do relaxation exercises before going to bed. As simple as it is helpful: take ten deep breaths before going to sleep, lie on your back and close your eyes. If an evening relaxing tea based on valuable herbs such as lemon balm and lavender becomes part of the daily sleep ritual, the wonderful sleep pleasure will certainly come quickly. 

Auf dem Weg zur Tiefenentspannung


Speaking of relaxation exercises: With the help of progressive muscle relaxation, a restful night’s sleep is also largely assured. Improved ability to concentrate, the reduction of stress – in short, more positive energy is the result.
Those who also have the opportunity to do small yoga sessions during the day or to take a little nap are probably among the very privileged ones after all. But just a few minutes of rest for deep breathing, massaging the temples and circling the head and shoulders are enough to specifically relax the muscles in the neck area and replenish the energy stores. 


More energy, more endurance, more strength

More fitness, freshness and energy can be gained through sport, recreation and good nutrition. For even more energy there are also other and complementary, effective methods, e.g: 

● Regularly two to three times a week sport should be on the agenda. A round of jogging in the park can be great fun. Sit-ups, hyperextensions, leg raises, planks or butterfly reserve, calf lifting with weight or the good old and effective push-ups can be part of home workouts that can be done in the garden in spring.

● Three evenings a week total ignorance is the order of the day: TV, smartphone and computer are energy thieves and stay away – instead reading, walking or flirting – other options are also available. The main thing is to eliminate all electronic stimuli in a targeted manner.

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