6 reasons why you should drink enough water


6 reasons why you should drink enough water

No water, no life!

No water, no life! Water is essential and the most important resource on our planet. Without food we could survive for several months, without water only a few days. The missing liquid would literally dry out our bodies. The cool wet is our most precious food and indispensable for humans. 

Water is our main energy source and is involved in all functions of our organism. Since the human body cannot build up and store water reserves, we cannot drink in reserve. Regular intake of liquid is therefore essential for survival.

Water increases your performance 

More than half of our body consists of water. The brain is one of the organs with the highest water content and requires the highest energy requirements. When the brain can no longer meet its requirements due to a lack of fluid intake, it sends out a clear signal: Thirst. When we feel thirsty, however, our water balance is already disturbed. The blood becomes thicker and the heart has to work harder to pump it through the body. 

This affects the supply of oxygen and the transport of nutrients as well as the communication of the brain cells – the general state of health deteriorates, attention diminishes and the performance of body and psyche is impaired. Small units of water distributed throughout the day have been proven to increase concentration and performance.

Tip: Drink before you feel thirsty. 

Water regulates your fluid balance

A balanced fluid balance keeps the vital tasks of our organism in balance, while an unbalanced water balance can lead to illness in the long term. The amount of fluid we take in is about the same as the amount we lose in water and excrete through our breathing, skin and metabolism. By drinking regularly, we ensure the necessary balance and a constant water balance. If we drink more than our body can utilize, a large part is excreted unused and we only increase our urge to urinate. If we excrete more water than we absorb, we are threatened by a lack of water. 

Tip: one glass of water per hour. 

Water is the fountain of youth for our skin

The skin is our largest organ and a real all-rounder. It serves as the body’s protective shield against external influences, regulates temperature and moisture and stores nutrients and water. If we suffer from a lack of water, the organs that are essential for survival are primarily supplied with water and the skin is disadvantaged. Redness, wrinkles and dry spots are not only unattractive, they also disturb our sense of well-being and make us look tired and old. If you want to promote the vitality of your skin, you should drink enough. The blood circulation of the skin improves, it is supplied with more oxygen and the metabolism is boosted. Water soothes wrinkles in the skin and provides elasticity and firmness. Moisturising from within makes our skin look rosy and fresh.

Tip: Alternate showers for firm and beautiful skin.

Water keeps us slim and fit

If you want to lose weight, you should regularly reach for water, because water makes you slim. Drinking a lot of water boosts your metabolism and burns significantly more calories. Regular drinking fills the stomach, makes fibre swell and reduces hunger and appetite. A sufficient fluid intake can naturally limit the amount of calories, because you feel pleasantly full. As a result, we automatically eat less, save some calories and lose weight without starving. If you not only drink water, but also eat foods with a high water content, such as green salad, cucumbers or tomatoes, you can further increase the slimming effect. 

Tip: A glass of water before each meal reduces the feeling of hunger. 

Water is the garbage disposal for harmful substances

Drink, drink, drink! The simplest and most effective method to detoxify and purify the body. Water plays a central role in the removal of toxic substances. If the body has enough water available, the kidneys can take up their tasks and perform their functions optimally by removing the waste products. At night our body comes to rest and the harmful substances are broken down. But also during the night our body loses a lot of fluid through the skin and breathing. Anyone who drinks one or two glasses of water on an empty stomach after getting up helps their body to flush out the waste products. 

Tip: Drinking water after getting up stimulates detoxification. 

Drinking water is good for your mood

If you drink a lot of water, you are in a better mood – the secret of our well-being lies in water. Our everyday life is hectic and we simply forget to drink. Drinking has an enormous influence on our mood. 

Even a slight drop in our fluid balance has dramatic effects on the body: cognitive abilities decline, energy levels and mood barometers drop; irritability, inner restlessness, aggression and bad mood are the result.


Water is of great importance for our organism. Because water is the building block of our cells and an important solvent and transport medium. Every day we lose water and this deficit has to be compensated. Anyone who takes in too little liquid can become ill. But how much water should one drink? A healthy person should drink 3 litres of water a day and consist mainly of water, not soft drinks, coffee or alcohol. The intestine can absorb and process a maximum of 800 millilitres of fluid in one hour. If we drink too much at once, the rest is excreted via the kidneys and is useless for our body. A glass of water per hour is therefore considered an ideal guideline. In this way, we supply our organism with fluid permanently and achieve the optimum amount to drink throughout the day – it’s all in the dose!

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